Dr. Paul Lohmann® is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of high value mineral salts for the food, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical industry. Since 1886, a high level of flexibility and an innovative spirit enables Dr. Paul Lohmann® to respond to changing needs. In the GMP and FSSC 22000/ISO 22000 certified facilities, mineral salts are produced at quality levels stipulated by pharmacopoeias, regulatory food guidelines or tailored according to customers’ specifications. Dr. Paul Lohmann® also carries out product and application development in close cooperation with customers including the adaptation of chemical and physical parameters.
Dr. Paul Lohmann
As a leader in the production and development of innovative natural raw materials and plant extracts in food and health industry exists for the past 120 years. Since the beginning they have been recognizable for the production of acacia gum as soluble dietary fiber and their product portfolio today has increased with offer of active botanical extracts, whose health benefits are supported by clinical studies.
Lasenor is a Spanish private establishment created in 2004 as a new unit in the HOLDFOOD GROUP as a company for manufacturing natural and synthetic emulsifiers. In this group they join with more than 20 years of experience in the field of lecithin production and lecithin derivatives, as well as with more than 35 years of experience in the supply of oleo chemicals -esters of fatty acids and their derivatives.
Nutrilo is a trading and production company founded in 1984. As supplier of food additives and contract manufacturer, they offer you a large range of dietary supplements in a variety of production steps in their portfolio. These can be developed in accordance with your own formulation or individually– for you and your customers. Whether as premix with tailor-made ingredient solution, as a finished effervescent tablet, hard gelatin capsules or direct powder in a modern stick pack, they fulfill all customer needs!
Divi’s Laboratories Ltd. was founded in 1990 with Research & Development as a core competency. In 2006 Divi’s Nutraceuticals began operating as an integrated manufacturer of carotenoids and vitamins. Built on an expertise in molecular synthesis and production of stable, finished product forms, Divi’s grew to serve food, beverage, dietary supplement and feed customers throughout the world.
Divi’s Nutraceuticals
Hydrosol is a German company with nearly 40 years of tradition in the development and manufacture of stabilising and texturing systems for dairy products, deli food, meat products etc. As a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, Hydrosol has access to the knowledge of some 80 R&D specialists and the extensive applications technology of the Group’s large Stern Technology Centre. From several hundred individual components the Hydrosol food and applications experts develop customer-specific functional systems that give optimum results to new products or existing recipes customers wish to improve in terms of product quality, economy and process control.
The company’s history goes back to the year 1872. OlbrichtArom develops, produces and markets a wide range of customised flavourings, natural citrus peel pastes, seasonings and compounds in close cooperation with the bakery, sugar confectionery, ice cream and dairy food industries, as well as the sport and lifestyle nutrition sector.
OlbrichtArom GmbH & Co. KG
An international company manufacturing enzymes for application in the food industry. Since 1907 they have been an active and successful participant in the field of development and production of enzymes.
AB Enzymes

Founded in December 2006, Kappa Bioscience is a Norwegian based entity that takes pride in following a traditional vitamin production process with propriety and innovative new steps.  One of their core assets is the patent covering the production of pure vitamin K2 as menaquinone‑7.

Kappa Bioscience are proud to offer you high purity vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7).  As the innovative leader and first mover of vitamin K2 MK-7, they have extensive knowledge about vitamins and are currently the only vendor with vitamin K2 as pure MK-7 in various formulations. Based on the self-affirmed GRAS approval, their K2 MK-7 can also be used in conventional foods.

With Kappa our main focus is to develop vitamin K2 for the food supplement and fortified foods market.

Kappa Bioscience
Viscofan BioEngineering is a business unit of Naturin Viscofan GmbH – a company of the Viscofan group. The modern production facilities including a plant for medical grade production are located in Weinheim, Germany. A dedicated international team covers the complete value chain from research to development and sales of novel collagen products. Naturin Viscofan is the center of excellence for collagen products within the Viscofan group. They apply partly proprietary technologies and standardized extraction methods to process collagen from bovine skin for the development and industrial-scale production of novel collagen biomatrices in research, medical and food grade. The COLLinstant® brand is the premium bovine collagen hydrolysate product – highly soluble, tasteless and convenient for all-purpose nutraceutical use.

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